Sunday Morning Adult Classes

Sunday Morning Adult Classes

Classes September – November, 2018

  • Auditorium (Kyle Wadley): A Study of Forgiveness. In the second of a two-quarter study of Matthew, Jimmy will help his class to see Jesus as he is beautifully portrayed in the first gospel account.
  • Room 11 (Jon Hunt/Drew Spivey): A Study of 1 and 2 Timothy. Corey will emphasize the importance of learning the foundation of our faith so that we might be equipped to teach it to others. Click here for syllabus.
  • Library (Harold Rhodes): A Battle Plan for Prayer. In this class Chuck will reflect on biblical teaching regarding sexuality, focusing particularly on issues raised by the LGBT community. He will also emphasize how churches might better respond to LGBT people in our families, churches, and communities. Click here for syllabus.
  • Downstairs/Young Professionals (Rick Williams): A Survey of the New Testament. Ben’s goal in this class is to learn how to better become reflections of Christ. In order to show Christ to others, we must be conformed to his image. This class will discuss attributes of Jesus and how to live those out. Click here for syllabus.

Upcoming Class Themes

To view classes or if you’d like to sign up to teach, click view this document or talk with Donnie Winningham.

  • Winter 2018 – Wisdom Literature and Prophecy
  • Spring 2019 – NT Epistles and Revelation