Monthly Youth Devotionals

Each month on the 3rd Tuesday, our youth come together in a member’s home for a meal and a time of study. We study topics pertaining to our youth in the 21st century, while enjoying fellowship with one another.

LTC Southwest (Leadership Training for Christ)

What’s LTC?

Leadership Training for Christ Southwest (LTCSW) is a wonderful program that shares its vision with nine other locations in the United States under the greater Leadership Training for Christ (LTC) intent, “train our youth.”  The LTCSW desire is to assist local congregations in training their youth in grades 3-12 encouraging them to use their talents for the Lord and to become active disciples/servants for Him. In LTCSW, there are many different events in which youth can participate. These events are designed to challenge youth so that they may understand how to use their talents while growing spiritually. The events are broken down by age groups to facilitate training at the appropriate maturity level.

Youth at High Country have participated in LTC for over a decade. What are the Benefits of Leadership Training for Christ (LTC)?

  • Encourages youth and parents to be more devoted to God and others.
  • Inspires youth, teens, and parents to spend consistent time in God’s word.
  • Develops discipleship.
  • Assists in the growth of confidence and the use of gifts and skills to be able to share the “Good News”.
  • Encourages youth to grow towards becoming effective Christian leaders within church family and community.
  • Nourishes parent/adult participation.
  • Provides year-round structured leadership training.
  • Promotes unity/team building and encouragement.
  • Aids in the development of skills for public speaking, song leading, Bible reading, and having an active prayer life.
  • Provides training for youth to be effective teachers.
  • Develops skills for use in VBS, mission trips, and for life.
  • Fosters participation in serving the church and community through service projects.
  • Creates deep long-lasting relationships.
  • Builds memories that will last forever.

Link to LTCSW Website: